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What is Citizen Canvas?

The Citizen canvas is a collaborative change tool to help various groups of stakeholders to work together to arrive at a common vision for what a smart city should be following a citizen centric design process. Most smart cities fail due to siloed thinking, lack of co-ordination between various city council departments and service providers and the absence of participation from citizens who are ultimately the benefactors of the smart city services.

Alex Osterwalder’s business model canvas has helped countless startups and businesses in communicating their business model by taking the data and insights out of a spread-sheet or powerpoint to create shared understanding around the business model.

Its framework has improved team communication by visualising, analysing, predicting and mapping together data and by having the same shared vocabulary for describing a new venture as set by Biz Model Canvas framework.

This rapidly helps teams to sketch and throwaway various propositions by stress-testing it against the canvas framework, de-risking investment and opportunity cost.

We’d like to apply a similar kind of collaborative approach to the design of smart cities by making the connections between different departments, citizens, communities, service providers visible across various infrastructure layers.

This way more people can see the dependencies between various actors of an ecosystem needed to create a resilient better smart city that involves people at the core of its design.

How do you use it?

Step 1: Interview citizens/people of the city that is going to be a smart city.

Step 2: Identify citizen lifestage, skills, needs and their service context.

Step 3: Audit citizen’s service usage, data exchange and touch-points in city.

Step 4: Map citizen’s offers to city on its service and activity layer.

Step 5: Map city’s infrastructure, service needs with citizen interactions.

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Who can use CitizenCanvas?

Citizens & local businesses

Utility, networks & tech brands

City planning, developers and policy

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